Step 3: Excel

Scoring Rubric

Entrants will be scored on the six categories below, and have the option of submitting a 30-45 second video clip using a smart phone or other comparable device.

  1. INNOVATION DESCRIPTION. The extent to which entrants clearly define their programmatic solution to increase entry, persistence and completion of adult students in career pathway programs.
  2. INGENUITY.  The extent to which entrants define why their proposed solution  is innovative and clearly distinguish it from other existing approaches/programs.
  3. TEAM COMPOSITION and STRENGTH.  The extent to which entrants clearly identify who is on their team, the relevant skills they bring to the project and their anticipated role.
  4. TEAM COMMITMENT and CAPACITY.  The extent to which entrants  convey why their team is passionately committed and has the capacity to develop and prepare to implement their programmatic solution over the entire three year period.
  5. POTENTIAL of INNOVATION to SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE OUTCOMES. The extent to which entrants demonstrate the potential of their innovative solution to significantly improve access, completion and other outcomes over traditional programs.
  6. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE NEEDS. The extent to which entrants identify the types of technical assistance they anticipate needing to further develop their solution.

Entrants may voluntarily submit a 30-45 second video using their smartphone to describe their innovation but will not be scored on this component of the submission.

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